25 years experience in mould Manufacture

China's automobile plastic mold has entered the profession

At present, the plastic consumption was the highest in the world, but the per capita consumption is only 1/7 of the developed industrial countries, a quarter of the medium for industry developed countries, which on the one hand, reflects the gap between us on the other hand has also demonstrated China's plastics industry and plastic mold industry huge space for development.


"At present, our country to the mold demand of industries including aerospace, national defense, railway locomotive, engineering machinery and other industries, especially with a total investment of 220 billion yuan of the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway projects, more than 30 billion yuan investment scale of large aircraft project, etc., will bring new challenges and opportunities for plastic mould industry." International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui think, the development of plastic mold industry of our country must rely on the national key construction projects, to develop the precision injection molds, covering parts mould and large injection mold; At the same time by speeding up the enterprise merger and reorganization and product upgrading, to reduce the gap with developed countries, the sustainable and healthy development of plastic mold industry of our country.


Plastic mold industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, embodied in the product technology content increasing, shortening manufacturing cycle. But compared with foreign plastic mold of the advanced level, there is still a big gap.


In advanced materials and standard parts, for example. Overseas steel production more than 80% by vacuum refining and electroslag remelting production, the purity and high tropism, such as steel and domestic by electroslag remelting steel production share little, about 1/10. In the developed countries of die steel yield was 85% ~ 90%, and domestic yield is only 70%. The plastic die steel in China listed in the national standards for only 3 cr2mo and 3 cr2mnni pride Mo. Foreign commonly used plastic die steel has formed a complete series, such as the plastic die steel has seven steel grade, form a complete P series; Japan's Hitachi metals co., LTD has 15 steel grade. Likely random of plastic mold steel, 80% use carbon steel and 40 cr steel. For complex, precision molds, to avoid heat treatment deformation, usually in annealing state, normalizing or quenched and tempered state processing is used, so the life is only 1/10 of the similar foreign die ~ 1/2. Domestic auto plastic mould enterprise most willing to choose Germany, Japan, Sweden, three series of steel, but at home to buy European mold steel, prices are often higher than 30% ~ 40%, seriously affected the competitiveness of domestic mold.


Internationally, auto mould has entered the stage of specialization, standardization, auto mould base is made up of professional mold manufacturers, mold commercialization rate over 70%, and there are many companies specializing in the production of mold standard parts, auto mould standard parts as many as several hundred kinds, such as Germany, Japan mould standardization rate can reach 85%. Domestic mould enterprises large mould standardization level is about 25% ~ 25%. The fai thinks about it, the mould standardization has become the bottleneck of domestic mold manufacturing cycle, one of the influences the competitiveness of domestic mold.


Look at the precision of the mould, cycle life and mould manufacturing. Japan's auto mould precision can reach 0.02 mm, plastic mold parting surface accuracy control in 0.01 mm, and domestic automobile mould brand enterprises, auto mould accuracy control in 0.03 ~ 0.05 mm; Plastic mold parting surface mold fitting accuracy at about 0.03 mm. Germany's die manufacturing cycle in 2 weeks ~ 20 days, preparation of 4 ~ 5 days, try mode 2 ~ 3 days. Japan and South Korea mold cycle for 2 weeks, the reason is that they have a special mould parts city, slider, plunger, gate set of components, etc all can buy, standardization of domestic accessories can't do that, some parts machining accuracy can not meet the requirements.


On the whole quality of employees, the vast majority of employees are Germany, Japan mould enterprise or specially trained college, at least 10 years of working experience, mould enterprise technical personnel proportion is very high, most enterprises in more than 25%, some are more than 50%, many enterprise worker often can swap in technology and production jobs. Domestic mold enterprise employees lack of high and new processing technology and high-end CNC machine operation skills training, to some extent, it also affected the high-end equipment utilization. Mold enterprise technical personnel ratio is low, most enterprises between 15% ~ 15%, and the comprehensive development capacity is low.


"Germany and Japan enterprise pays a lot of attention to the new product development, mold factory often with materials manufacturers, product manufacturers to jointly develop; injection molding factory and material manufacturers to develop new models, famous brand plastic suppliers and well-known car companies jointly developed by plastic instead of steel product. This makes cooperation, make the enterprise has a strong research and development ability. Our country enterprise gap is bigger in innovation, research and development ability." Luo hui said, and the future development of plastic mold industry in China now, to work closely with the iron and steel, automobile, petrochemical, shipbuilding, light industry, textile, non-ferrous metals, electronic information, the key project of national defense it nine big industry, promote large molds, precision plastic injection mold manufacturing capability, high-grade mold standard parts; Realize the localization and the varieties of the die steel, improve the mold material supply system, provides a comprehensive materials of various specifications and grades of strong compression mold production enterprise preparation cycle; Improve mold new material, new process and new type high strength plastic molding, Gao Ren, high temperature resistant plastic products research and development ability; To improve enterprise information management and the overall level of integrated manufacture.


- the key function in the national major projects in the project, the mold special reflects the important status in the manufacturing of die and mould industry. So we must focus on research and large aircraft project, high-speed rail, urban rail transit project supporting of high strength, Gao Ren, high wear resistance of plastic molding process and mold processing technology.


- now provides services to automobile mould accounted for about 1/3 of all mold production in our country, the more developed countries in the automobile industry, service for auto mould tend to account for all of its more than 40% of the mold production. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, update car models, car development towards high-speed, comfort, style, body structure will become increasingly complex and require mold to develop in the direction of large-scale, complex, high precision. Car is becoming more and more high to the requirement of green environmental protection, energy cars dropped 10%, and the weight of can save fuel by 6% ~ 6%. With plastic instead of steel is the only way to car lightweight. Therefore, to develop the saving energy and reducing consumption, with plastic instead of steel auto parts manufacturing process and mould manufacturing technology.


With transport, experts predict that 2010 matching plastic products 1.5 million tons; With all kinds of plastic parts, home appliance in insulation materials, packaging material required for synthetic resin 4 million tons; And real estate development of building materials, PVC, PE, PP, PS, PC, such as PUR plastic demand will reach 6 million tons. Therefore, must speed up wood plastic composite plastic forming technology, plastic, metal and plastic composite material of the plastic forming technology research high-speed extrusion mould technology research.


, with the rapid development of global network and communication technology, the communication rate, mobile phones, portable computer miniaturization/lightweight docking plug-in packaging technology, ultra-thin forming technology, light plastic forming technology and mould precision demand is higher and higher. Therefore, must study the ultra-thin forming, super precision forming process and high precision mold manufacturing technology.